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Buying a home differs from buying a car because a home has a fixed location. And it is a truism with substance that a home’s location is a critical factor in its utility and its value. While issues like lot size, orientation, and proximity to busy streets is part of this critical “location” issue, the community that the home is located in looms large as well. When you’re buying a home, you are also buying into the community and school district that the home is located in. In important respects, the community you buy into will help determine your lifestyle, friends, job possibilities, shopping, and recreational opportunities. It may also have an impact on the long term value of your real estate investment. Our purpose here is to provide you with some resources that may be useful in evaluating and comparing some of the communities in our area.

Three Great Places to Start

Three resources deserve immediate mention. First, you’ll find great info on communities across the United States at Take a look at the information there on the City of Boulder, for example, and you’ll find the equivalent of 17 pages of text and hundreds of links to information on Boulder’s history, geography, demographics, schools, politics and culture. You’ll find the same for counties, communities and school districts across the state and country. We’ve linked to the relevant Wikipedia pages in our Community Links section below.

Second, the links you’ll find on the Boulder Community Network provide a nearly inexhaustible supply of information on the communities of Boulder County. Its a great place to start if your focus is Boulder County.

And finally,, we have some community level information elsewhere on this site that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Under the heading of Local Housing Stock, we have a section called Comparing Communities in which we have data comparing local communities on the age and size of various housing types available.
  • In that same section, under the heading of Housing in Each Community, we have detailed data on the age, size and type of housing in each of the communities we cover as well as maps that will show you where you can find specific types of housing in each community.
  • Also check out the section of this web site called Local Real Estate Stats. You’ll find extensive data there that will allow you to compare housing costs and the dynamics of the housing market in the communities we cover

Other Good Sources of Community and Comparative Information

Comparative data on communities around the country, including information on income, crime, schools, and cost of living, can be found on a variety of sites, including Sperling’s Best PlacesCity and Relocation Essentials. You can use these sites to compare the various Boulder County communities or to compare Boulder County communities to communities elsewhere in the country that you are more familiar with.

If you really want to get serious, go to the federal government source for most of this data at FedStats. This site contains data on almost anything.

For information on the state of Colorado and on the cities and counties near Boulder County, the State of Colorado site is a rich source of information. Among a vast array of other information, this site provides a list of links to the official sites of Colorado Cities and Towns and Colorado Counties.

To get a feel for the issues that are currently facing the state as a whole, or specific communities, I would also recommend the sites of the following publications.

For general information the Boulder County area and on Boulder County communities, I would strongly recommend the following:

  • Boulder Community Network This site is THE source for links to information on Boulder County. Whether you want links to information about business and employment, education and youth, seniors and transportation, or community events and entertainment, you’ll find more than you can follow up on here.
  • Boulder Area Realtor Association For many years, Ken Hotard has been following issues related to real estate, including schools, economics and politics, for our Realtor association. He is sharp, knowledgeable and thoughtful, and widely respected inside and outside the Realtor community. For monthly summaries of area news from a real estate perspective, there is no better source. And Ken has archived 5 years of his summaries, so if you want to follow what’s been happening in your target community, this is THE place to go.
  • Boulder County Business Report A great source of information on news of local companies, the general economic environment in the area, as well as both commercial and residential real estate news.
  • provides a wealth of basic information on communities around the country, including basic census data, tax rates, and school and government links.

For information on the history of Boulder County, its schools and communities, you can search the holdings of the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History online. You might also want to check out historian Silvia Pettem’s web site for a list of books on Boulder County history.

Community Links

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