Comments from Past Clients



I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time you spent with us in the last couple of weeks. As you know, we have moved around an awful lot (20 plus moves) and experienced quite a number of real estate agents. The team at Agents For Home Buyers are by far the best we have ever encountered. It has been such a pleasurable experience to select houses with your system and to determine what works and what doesn’t. I know I would not have been able to find the house you found for us and to make such an informed decision without your help. I feel I received a real education in buying real estate. Tom and I agree that your style of finding a house for clients is just the best. There is no pressure and no pushing in one direction or another. You are always available and always so well prepared and informed. We count ourselves very fortunate to have found your brochure in the grocery store in Boulder and to have been able to have a meeting with you within minutes of our calling you. We look forward to our move… and to living in Colorado.

Yvonne and Eric

We are settled in now and very pleased with our new home. We just wanted to thank you for all of your help in finding the house. Since we were first time buyers, there were plenty of things we overlooked. You were mindful of this and working with Agents For Home Buyers was a great learning experience. You found out what type of place we were looking for and did not try to change our minds, yet informed us of the pros and cons of various choices. From finding the best place to dealing with the piles of paperwork, you made the whole process painless and educational. We happily and in good conscience recommend your services to those who are looking to buy a home in the area.


Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. Kudos to you folks at Agents For Home Buyers for helping me in a way that was enlightening and fun. I especially appreciate your patience, understanding and enthusiasm along with your expert advice regarding local real estate. You gave 100%, making sure that I bought the very best home.


Attending a home buyer seminar turned out to be one of the best ways I could have spent a Saturday morning. As a first time home buyer, I had a lot to learn. The seminar taught me what I needed to know and brought me up to speed. I especially appreciated your step-by-step chart of The Process of Buying a Home as well as your List of Buying Your Home On The Front Range: Things to Watch Out For. When I was ready, you helped me find just the right condo and even steered me away from some that would have been wrong for me. When I decide to buy again, I will definitely use Agents For Home Buyers and I would encourage anyone — especially those buying for the first time — to do the same.

Eleni and John

Agents for Home Buyers  was a dream come true to a father/daughter team looking to purchase a first condo for a grad-student in an unfamiliar real estate market. From the time they took to give us an introduction to real estate and the buyer broker concept, to quickly identifying possibilities, to patiently showing us around, and to closing the deal. The team at Agents For Home Buyers were true partners and advocates and a delight to interact with. With the graduate degree almost in hand, the daughter (and her father) now hope that wherever she lands for her new career, there is someone as great as the agents at Agents For Home Buyers to work with again!

Brad and Bhavna

The agents at Agents For Home Buyers are a rare find in the realty business. They are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of home buying and took great care to communicate with us in an approachable, appealing way. They did not try to force the process, allowing us to discover what we really wanted, and keeping us continuously informed as new houses were listed. Their understanding of the psychology of the home buying process helped us through the frustrations we encountered with the current highly competitive market. They know the relevant issues with candidate homes. Perhaps most importantly, they understand the legalese of contracts and can readily distill it for those of us who don’t. The agents at Agents For Home Buyers really go the extra mile. When we were finally ready to make a bid, they worked with us (on a weekend) until we were satisfied with every detail. We had a very good experience with Agents For Home Buyers and highly recommend them to anyone interested in buying a home, especially first time buyers.


The agents at Agents For Home Buyers complement each other, each having strengths that make them a valuable resource in purchasing a home. Their input and their dedication to their clients increased my confidence to purchase a home. If you are not sure what kind of home to purchase, they will help narrow in on the perfect home for you, based on your personal needs and tastes. This was invaluable in saving me time and energy in looking at choices. I now have a home that perfectly reflects me and my personality because they kept their client’s best interest at heart.

Ben and Lissa

After looking on our own for a year, we found a home in North Boulder. We called and asked Norris Minick at Agents For Home Buyers to write up an offer, but he insisted that we take an afternoon to look at other homes to make sure that we were doing the right thing. In three hours, we saw four homes that were nicer than anything we had seen in a year. Months later, we closed on a great house and paid $40,000 less. The people at Agents For Home Buyers worked harder than they needed to and got a lower commission, but they found our dream home!

Patty and Scott

Agents For Home Buyers helped us search all of Boulder County. We fell in love with Longmont’s old historic district, but none of the homes on the market at the time were quite right. Undaunted, they identified about 100 homes that met our needs but weren’t on the market. They wrote to the owners and found several who were preparing to sell their homes. Three of them were great! We got the right home, in the right place, at the right price because Agents For Home Buyers went the extra mile.


Agents For Home Buyers helped me purchase a home five years ago and I enjoyed working with them so much that I came back last year when I was in the market again. I appreciate their skill at quickly identifying a property’s specific strong and weak points as well as their ability to help me understand a property’s potential within the context of the overall trends and local variations of the real estate market in this part of the state. I like the idea of a buyer broker who represents me and the people at Agents For Home Buyers work very hard at making sure you are happy. I recommend them without reservation.

Ana and Davor

Norris Minick, supported by his team at Agents For Home Buyers, is like no other real estate agent, given his character and approach to his job (just look at his Web page and you’ll see what we mean). The team at Agents For Home Buyers are hard working, thorough, and serious about what is a serious thing for every buyer. They don’t “sell you the property”, but give you information so you can make an informed decision. They certainly made the potentially difficult and traumatic experience of buying a home a pleasant one for us.

Kathy and Jennifer

The team at Agents For Home Buyers really cares about their clients. We had very few problems in buying our house, because we had Agents For Home Buyers on our side. If there was a problem, they would know at least two or three options to resolve it. We felt very comfortable with them because of their extensive knowledge of the area and the housing market. Unfortunately for Agents For Home Buyers, we will probably never need their services again, since they helped us find our dream home.


To the team at Agents For Home Buyers:
We owe it all to you and your diligent efforts as our buyer brokers last winter. Unwilling to be defeated by the market, you wrote a letter directed to all homeowners in the Table Mesa area with a house meeting our qualifications. Undaunted by the poor response, you sent another letter and flushed out what became our home. If it had not been for your diligence and your honest desire to help us find the best possible home we could afford, we wouldn’t have ended up with our gorgeous house, in the neighborhood we wanted. You even saved us from bidding wars by finding a house not on the market. We truly appreciate what you did… We appreciate your listening to what we wanted in a house and helping us to maintain our standards in spite of the frustrating market, your daily updates of potentially suitable houses, your unflagging efforts in helping us find a suitable house, and your friendship as we searched those eight months. Mostly, we appreciate your commitment to go the extra mile. Without you, we know we never would have ended up with a house that so closely matched our dreams. We will continue to spread the word about your services, and we’ll always be thankful for your help in finding our home

Brooke and Gregg

Norris and his team at Agents For Home Buyers were incredible brokers to work with. They were patient and incredibly knowledgeable about listings throughout Boulder County. We are in a house that we love solely due to Agents For Home Buyers’ hard work and dedication. You see, our house never went on the market, publicly, instead, Agents For Home Buyers knew about the possibility because of a mailing they had sent to residents inquiring about their interest in selling in the near future. The owners of our home replied and said they may be interested in selling. Norris  took us over to have a look and we loved it. It was a very pleasant experience because we didn’t have to compete with other bids on the open market. We all came to agreement on price and timing and all in all, everyone won out and saved money, too. Agents For Home Buyers pioneered this concept – and it is one that buyers and sellers alike really appreciate. I would recommend working with Agents For Home Buyers to any friend or family member in the market. They are objective, but tell you what you need to know. They are quite knowledgeable on what to think about when buying a home. Thanks again to the team at Agents For Home Buyers for all your help. We remain happily in Longmont.


I wanted to let you know that Alan and I are very glad that we chose you to help us find and buy our home. It was a great comfort to know that there was always at least one knowledgeable individual in the process that was really looking out for our interests, especially as first time buyers. We are enjoying our new home very much, and recommend your company to any and all house hunting friends.

Ron and Priscilla

In the spring of last year, we purchased a residence in Louisville using the services of Agents For Home Buyers. Norris and the team were extremely helpful during our home search process and their advice and knowledge of the local market was invaluable.

  • They were prompt and courteous in providing information and returning our calls.
  • During contract negotiations they gave timely, expert advice on prices, terms, and market conditions.
  • They accompanied the inspector during the home inspection and noted several items that needed correction, and subsequently negotiated remedial action on the seller’s part.
  • During closing, they gave clear, lucid explanations and guidance that helped us understand a complicated legal/financial procedure.
  • They have followed up since closing with information on general market conditions and the outlook for the purchase of our next move up house.

All in all, Agents For Home Buyers has made our home search/purchase process less intimidating, more enjoyable, and saved us money. We have recommended Norris and his team  to several of our friends and plan on using them for our next home purchase.


Thanks for your help in finding our home…We enjoyed working with you. You folks at Agents For Home Buyers proved yourselves as honest, ethical and sincere agents. You can be certain we will be recommending you to everyone we know who is in the market for a home.

Robin and John

We came in from out of state, looking for a home in Colorado, and by luck met Norris Minick and the team at Agents For Home Buyers. These tireless people drove us all over the Boulder area for four days. Although we saw some nice homes, none of them hit us just right. We returned two months later and Agents For Home Buyers spent four more days showing us at least 35 or 40 homes in areas south of Denver. Success! We found a home in the Timbers, outside Parker, and closed the deal. Norris and his team have our highest recommendation. The man won’t quit!


Working with you was the most pleasant real estate experience we have known, and we’ve been through plenty. Because of your computer experience we were able to locate the house we wanted within minutes after it became available. Within an hour the deal was made. Norris, you and your team are real pros.

Louisville home buyer

Norris and the team at Agents For Home Buyers have a great depth of experience in home buying which was very valuable to me. The people at Agents For Home Buyers are knowledgeable about the area and the home buying process, and were persistent and thorough in searching for homes. Their help was crucial to finding and buying my home.

Michelle and Derek

We just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting our house search started. As you will recall, we met you through one of your seminars. Since we were interested in buying in Denver, you referred us to another agent who served as our buyer broker. Even though you did not handle our account yourself, you generated the initial MLS listings we used to scope out the area and discover neighborhoods we liked. As a result of your efforts, we were able to limit our search and finally find a home. We appreciate your extra effort on our behalf and wish you all the best.

Jennifer and Philip

We would like to thank you for all of the help and support you have given us throughout this long process. You are real professionals. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

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