Stats for Each Community


Introductory Comments

In the charts below, you’ll find real estate statistics on Boulder, Gunbarrel, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, Longmont, Erie, Arvada, Broomfield and Westminster. These are precisely the same data that is reported on our pages dealing with home prices, the number of listings and sales, and how quickly homes sell, but the data here are reorganized with a focus on specific communities.

Where the other sections make it easy to compare prices or number of sales for a particular home type/size across the 10 communities we cover, this section is designed to allow you to see pricing history or speed of sale data on all home sizes within a single community. This gives you a more coherent picture of what’s happening in each community and makes it easy to compare what’s happening with sales various sized houses or with houses versus condos/townhomes.











If you’re interested in stats for neighborhoods in Boulder & Longmont, or in stats for some of the small towns or rural moutains and plains of Boulder County, see our section titled Towns, Rural Areas, & Neighborhoods.

For important information on how to read our stats, how to use them, and how they were generated, please CLICK HERE.